[Sapporo, Hokkaido] I have searched online, and Ramen Shingen らーめん 信玄 often comes up as the “Best Ramen in Sapporo”.

This small but renowned eatery, nestled in the heart of the Susukino district, is a testament to traditional Sapporo Miso Ramen.

Though not the most convenient to get to, it is about a 10 minutes’ walk from Susukino station.

You would navigate through the bustling streets of the Susukino area, heading west towards the Chuo Ward, where Ramen Shingen is located.

Then there is the wait.

With approximately 13 counter seats, you will definitely see a queue forming outside, mainly comprising locals – which is always a good sign.

The queue moved relatively swiftly, though it was still about a 1.5 to 2 hours wait.

Half the time would be spent outside in the cold; the other half in store where you can observe the bustling, open kitchen and the chefs at work, adding to the anticipation of the meal.

The menu at Ramen Shingen, available in English, is straightforward yet diverse.

It features the signature Shinshu (tasty miso), followed by Echigo (spicy miso), Tosa (plain salt), Harima (rich salt), Owari (mild soy sauce), and Mito (rich soy sauce).

Each bowl is priced at 880 Yen.

The Shinshu, a pork bone broth creation, was so rich, flavourful, and satisfyingly fragrant.

After having the soup, I could tell why it was so well-loved.

The deep-flavoured miso soup was smooth and creamy, yet not overly cloying or rich – that you could actually finish the entire bowl.

The generous portion of noodles has such a pleasantly chewy texture (one of the best I had in Hokkaido), complementing the creamy and hearty broth.

So it was the noodle texture itself which stole my heart.

For something with more kick, then go for the Echigo Ramen (880 Yen) which stood out for its spicy miso flavour.

It had a slightly saltier and spicier profile, which would be appreciated by those who enjoy a bit of heat and robustness in their ramen.

The Chahan (Fried Rice) (450 Yen) would be a good to have or share, with some ‘wok-hei’, but it didn’t leave as deep an impression on me as the noodles.

But I could see almost every group of customers ordering a bowl.

Some would add the rice to any ‘leftover’ ramen soup for another way of eating.

Adding to the menu’s appeal is the option for additional slices of roast pork, and other accompaniments like Gyoza (450 Yen), which were pan-fried with a crisp skin and juicy fillings.

Ramen Shingen is a must-visit for those seeking an authentic Sapporo ramen experience.

It is a place where the bustling atmosphere and hearty oh-so-tasty ramen. But the queue is not something everyone can take, especially in the harsh cold.

Ramen Shingen らーめん 信玄
8 Chome-8-2 Minami 6 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0806, Japan
Opening Hours: 11am – 1am (Mon – Sun)

Google Maps – Ramen Shingen

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