Celebrating the Chinese New Year of 2024, On & On Diners presents a specially curated CNY Mini Buffet that blends tradition with modern convenience.

For those planning a festive gathering with family, friends or colleagues, On & On Diners known for its dedication to traditional local recipes and quality ingredients, makes a hassle-free choice.

What’s more, they are Halal-certified, widening the appeal.

Their 2024 CNY Mini Buffet ($500+) stands out for its ease – no need for elaborate setups as the food is served in disposable trays, complete with all necessary cutlery and wares.

This Mini Buffet offers a diverse selection of 12 dishes good for 12 to 15 pax, complemented by 5 complimentary items exclusive to the 2024 Chinese New Year celebration.

To check out the full set of items, the menu is available here: https://www.onandon.sg/2024-cny-mini-buffet-p-239.html

And for those planning early, there’s an added perk: FREE delivery for the first 100 slots with promo code ’24CNYFD’.

This initiative not only adds value but also makes the festive preparations more convenient and stress-free. Let’s check out the highlights:

Supreme Golden Crab Roe Fried Rice with Crabmeat
A crowd-pleaser for carb lovers, with combination of crab roe and crabmeat that adds a level of elevation. Just look at the amount of generous crab.

I was pleasantly surprised that even though after delivery, there was still that light and fluffy quality without being too dry or wet.

The grains of rice were evenly coated with eggs, giving it a golden hue and a subtle aroma.

If you prefer something with a Thai-twist, an alternative choice in this category is the Yaowarat XO Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken Floss.

HK Style Braised Ee Fu Noodles in Abalone Sauce
A symbol of longevity in Cantonese cuisine, these noodles are a staple at Chinese banquets and particularly significant for the Lunar New Year.

Now you can get this conveniently sent to your house or office.

The Ee Fu noodles were braised in a rich abalone sauce, maintaining their springiness while absorbing the deep, savoury flavours of the sauce.

Nonya Chap Chye with Gui Fei Abalone
The Chap Chye, a mix of vegetables cooked in a thick savoury sauce, was topped with tender slices of abalone.

While most Nonya Chap Chye is the soft and braised version, this was wok-fried so that was still a bit of crunch.

Heng Ong Huat Golden Tangerine Chicken
This chicken tossed in a fragrant, glossy pineapple tangerine sauce which added sweetness and tanginess, still maintained relatively crispy and meaty. One of my personal favourites.

If not, you can also choose the family-favourite 2024 Signature Nanyang Style Curry Chicken for this category – with rich lemak (coconuty) flavour and good balance in spiciness.

8 Treasures Braised Sea Cucumber Duck
The duck braised till tender fell apart quite easily, revealing a depth of savoury flavours enhanced by the dark braising sauce.

The sea cucumber had a soft, gelatinous texture, complementing the meatiness of the duck.

The addition of fortune bags stuffed with a mix of ingredients, and earthy shiitake mushrooms, complete the dish.

I was torn between ordering this or the Imperial Korean Herbal Ginseng Chicken – sous vide for 6 hours, accompanied by luxurious 10 head abalone.

Yuan Yang Prawns
This crowd-favourite dish which makes a return this year features two distinct styles – the Classic Cereal Prawns and Cantonese Typhoon Shelter Prawns.

The Cereal Prawns were coated in a crunchy, slightly sweet cereal mixture.

The Typhoon Shelter Style, on the other hand, brought a slight-spicy and garlicky flavour, giving the dish an exciting kick.

If prawns are not for you, you can also select the Buttery Salted Egg Yolk Fish with Fish Skin.

Torched Mentaiko Scallops
Another popular item which is also available this year. The plump scallops were enhanced by the smoky, creamy richness of the torched mentaiko sauce.

The torching process added a subtle char that complemented the natural sweetness of the scallops.

Locally Farmed Green Mussels in Signature Chilli Crab Sauce
A complimentary bonus for 2024, while stocks last.

The mussels, farmed locally off the Eastern coastline of Singapore, were plump and juicy.

Though the signature thick chilli crab sauce was the real star here, with its balance of spicy, sweet, and tangy flavours.

Trio of Prawn Balls
Three different coloured bouncy Prawn Balls decorated to look like lychee (though they tasted about the same to me), accompanied with tangy Thai chili sauce on the side.

Chilled Mango Pomelo Sago
Ending the meal with this refreshing dessert. The mango puree was rich and creamy, bursting with natural sweetness and a tropical aroma.

The pomelo segments had a burst of citrusy freshness, while I was surprised to see the addition of nata de coco which brought a subtle coconut flavour and layer of chewiness.

This dessert was not overly sweet, which I appreciated, as it allowed the natural flavours of the mango and pomelo to shine through.

2024 Chinese New Year Complimentary Items (5 Items)
– Smoked Salmon Prosperity Yu Sheng (worth $75)
– DIY Peking Smoked Duck Set with Crepe (worth $60)
– $50 Voucher (valid till 31st Dec 2024, T&Cs apply)
– On & On Diners Signature Steam Fish Sauce
– On & On Diners Signature Sambal Belachan

On & On Diners’ CNY Mini Buffet elevates the festive dining experience with its thoughtful inclusion of 5 complimentary items.

Of course a CNY meal won’t be complete without a Smoked Salmon Prosperity Yu Sheng for lively tradition of ‘lo hei‘.

Additionally, the DIY Peking Smoked Duck Set with Crepe allows diners to craft their own delicious wraps with tender smoked duck, soft crepes and fresh accompaniments.

Adding further value to the buffet are the practical extras. The $50 Voucher encourages customers to revisit and sample more of On & On Diners’ varied offerings.

For seasoning enthusiasts, look out for the inclusion of On & On Diners Signature Steam Fish Sauce and Sambal Belachan.

On & On Diners: 2024 Chinese New Year Mini Buffet
12 Course customisable items with 5 complimentary CNY ttems at $500.00 per set ($545.00 with GST), good for 12-15 pax.

First 100 customers enjoy FREE delivery. Simply enter ‘24CNYFD’ during checkout to enjoy this offer. Festive surcharges are completely waived!

More details and order from: https://www.onandon.sg/2024-cny-mini-buffet-p-239.html

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with On & On Diners. Photos by Nicole Poi @pinkypiggu, written by Daniel Ang @DanielFoodDiary.


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